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April 1, 2016

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Address Change Reminder

Correct Application Address

Utilizing Your PURL

Telemarketing Consent

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The information contained within this communication supersedes all previous correspondence for the topics above.


Please make sure to update WellCare with your latest contact information including addresses, phone number and e-mail.

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Address Change Reminder
It is very important to keep contact information such as address, e-mail and phone number current in our records. For address changes please remember to provide us with your new address as well as making sure your mail is forwarded from your previous address with the United States Postal Service (USPS). This can be done online at the  USPS site.

Having your mail forwarded during address transitions will help reduce the chances of lost checks, year-end tax forms as well as any other important information that may be time sensitive from WellCare.
Correct Application Address
Providing our members with great customer service begins before they are even enrolled! Transitioning to a new health plan can make our members nervous, so it is crucial that we are ensuring all of their information is accurate on their applications. This will help get them off to a great start! Please make sure that all mailing fields are entered correctly when completing applications. Not having the correct address information for members will cause issues with mailing documents/letters to the member.

Please make sure that the following are entered correctly in the mailing fields on the online application:

Street Address 1 should contain both the street number and name
Street Address 2 is to be used for Apartment number, etc

NOTE: It is acceptable for all mailing information (street name, number, apartment number, etc) to be entered into the first mailing field.
Utilizing Your PURL
WellCare’s Producer Personalized URL (PURL) is a site where your prospects can review plans, request information and enroll online. This gives the prospect the opportunity to go onto the site and compare WellCare plans on their own time while giving enrollment to a specific producer.

A compliant PURL enrollment is 100% non-producer assisted and in addition not used during:

• Face-to-face meetings with beneficiaries
• The appointment verification call (AVL)
• Online enrollment

Please download the PURL Guide for more information on utilizing your PURL.
Telemarketing Consent
Just before 2016 Annual Enrollment Period, WellCare added a telemarketing consent section to our application. The section requires captured consent from the member to receive telemarketing e-mails and calls from WellCare. It is very important to explain this section to the member during the application process to make sure the member has a good understanding before proceeding to the next part of the application.

Please see the highlighted telemarketing consent sections on the below application that applies to you:

- WellCare/Ohana CCP Application
- WellCare PDP Application



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