Why Is Dental and Vision Insurance Important?


With our busy schedules it's often easy to put off preventative health care. However, getting annual dental and eye exams should be a regular part of everyone's good health plan. During this time of sharp increases in the costs of health care, it’s important to maintain dental and vision health and to catch problems before they become serious, which can keep everyone’s costs at a minimum.



How We Can Help


Covered dental services include:

  • Routine exams and cleaning, x-rays, fluoride and sealant applications.
  • Major restorative procedures, inlays, onlays and crowns
  • Oral surgery, root canals, prosthodontics and periodontic services
  • Emergency palliative treatment
  • Even braces for children


 Covered vision services include:

  • Annual eye exams,
  • Glasses (lenses and frames), and
  • Contact lenses


We offer:

  • Affordable group plans.
  • Large national network of providers.
  • Voluntary and non-voluntary plans.
  • Freedom of choice to select your provider.
  • Flexible plan designs available.


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